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Easter Egg Chocolate
Isabel's Sweet Heart Combo

Sure to delight your significant other, this heart shapped box contains an assortment of our most popular chocolate variaties.

Easter Egg Chocolate
Aztec Gold Chocolate Eggs

Our most favorite organic chocolate packed inside a golden egg. A sure delight for any child to find while easter egg hunting.

Easter Egg Chocolate
Mother's Day Chocolate Heart & Flowers

Our signature flower bouquet with a chocolate heart in the middle. Customize the chocolate with your own special message for mom.

Easter Egg Chocolate
Moctezuma Birthday Cake

Signature three layer chocolate cake topped with brownie pieces. Guaranteed fresh on the same day you need it, to make a birthday that much more special.


Here you will find our main year long products.

Tenochtitlán Classic Chocolate
Tenochtitlán Classic, Mr. Ivan's Famous Recipe
Praline Truffles
Praline Truffles
$10.00/Pack of Three
Praline Truffles
Abuelita's Chocolate Cup
Praline Truffles
95% Cacao Dark Chocolate
Praline Truffles
Fresh Cookies, Variety of Flavors in Store
Praline Truffles
Fresh Chocolate & Berries Pudding
$5.99/Cup (Only Available in Store)

Our Story

How to Pronounce Tenochtitlán: [te-nawch-tee-tlahn]

1984 was the year that Mr. Ivan decided he would put his love for chocolate to the ultimate test by selling his homemade chocolates in Mexico city. His idea was simple, take the best organic cacao beans and produce the finest chocolate in all of Mexico to unite the cacao farmers and all share equally in the profits. Eventually the company grew to a considerable size and rebranded itself as Chocolates de Tenochtitlán in honor of the once great Aztec empire.

Today we continue the simple vision of our founder Mr. Ivan and continue to partner with only the finest organic cacao farmers of Mexico. Our farmers pride themselves in producing the finest cacao beans in the America's and continue to enforce strict organic procedures to produce the highest quality chocolate.

"Ven a probar la diferencia". ("Come taste the difference.") - Señor Ivan